Drupal: incompatibility issue between commerce checkout and organic groups on my site

Next project: Drupal: incompatibility issue between commerce checkout and organic groups on my site
OgException: There are no OG fields in entity <em class="placeholder">user</em> and bundle <em class="placeholder">user</em> referencing <em class="placeholder">commerce_customer_profile</em> - <em class="placeholder">billing</em>. in og_group() (line 2035 of ***/sites/all/modules/og/og.module).

Update product display in-stock quantity when Commerce stock is updated

See similar issue https://www.drupal.org/project/commerce_stock/issues/1945240
The following from Drupal Commerce website provided some insight on how to access the product display but ran into issues where the "stock" field was not available.
"Built a non-visible (no page or block needed) view of Product Display nodes with the referenced product as a Relationship and use VBO to create a list that Rules can use.

Force Search API Solr to re-index nodes whose database tables are updated directly

Drupal 7 Search API reindexes a node when the node gets updated. The problem is that radioactivity module doesn't save / update a node, but directly manipulates data in the sql tables. We need to mark the node whose radioactivity field is updated as "dirty" - needing re-indexing, so search API can reindex the node with the updated table (https://timonweb.com/posts/how-to-force-search-api-to-reindex-a-node-an-...).

Apply for Sales Tax Account (Seller's Permit)

Businesses in Maryland are required to collect Maryland's 6 percent sales and use tax and or 9 percent alcoholic beverage taxes from you whenever you make a taxable purchase. The sale of tangible personal property is generally taxable except as otherwise provided by law; the sale of a service is generally not taxable except for certain taxable services provided by law. (http://taxes.marylandtaxes.gov/Business_Taxes/Business_Tax_Types/Sales_a...)
File online free of charge at: