Redirect user to the result page after submitting Keyword Form

After submitting Keyword Form optionally redirect user to the result page (custom url that includes the keyword/parent node title; eg. searchkey/%keyword). This would be inconvenient for users wishing to add multiple products so we need to add checkbox with option: "Check here to go to search result" checked by default.

I can configure the result to show up at that page using Views

Drupal Feeds: Prevent import of multiple items with the same Unique field value

Is there any way to import only one instance of an item with multiple variations, all sharing the same GUID? The importer should accept only the first instance and reject any future instance matching that GUID in the same import

I'm importing some products from Ebay and using the productid as GUID, but some products have variations of size, color, sellers, etc - but use the same productid:

Drupal Commerce Product: Create product automatically after creating display

I faced the challenge of needing to create product automatically after creating display. I was able to accomplish the task with the help of rules. I also needed to fill the price field from a decimal field. Here is the rules export for that:
{ "rules_create_product_after_display_create" : {
"LABEL" : "Create Product after display create",
"PLUGIN" : "reaction rule",
"OWNER" : "rules",
"TAGS" : [ "Products" ],

Franchise registration process

User clicks on Apply button
Logged in user taken to franchise application form/node
Popup onload displays login/signup form for Anonymous user and marks the user with special role
Redirect user to node/page/create to create franchise application (auto-filled checkbox indicates type - franchise)
automatically create subdomain for franchise using page title
user may optionally add domain*
Manually add subdomain using username or selected name, or user's domain