Franchise registration process

User clicks on Apply button
Logged in user taken to franchise application form/node
Popup onload displays login/signup form for Anonymous user and marks the user with special role
Redirect user to node/page/create to create franchise application (auto-filled checkbox indicates type - franchise)
automatically create subdomain for franchise using page title
user may optionally add domain*
Manually add subdomain using username or selected name, or user's domain

Keyword "SomeKeyword" already exists: Process existing keyword

When the keyword entered into the form already exists the user receive the following notice: Keyword "Somekeyword" (eg. Soothers) already exists.
A keyword could be in the keyword table if it exists in in a vocabulary or was submitted previously. A function in custom_shops checks to see if the keyword submitted via the keyword search form matches a taxonomy term or a previously submitted keyword.

We need to create function to ensure that when a keyword is submitted which is already in the keyword table it gets processed immediately (create parent node).