Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Baltimore Web Services offers Internet Marketing services to small businesses in Baltimore and surrounding areas. We promote small businesses online by developing long term marketing strategies that may involve most or all of the following:

  • Internet Marketing Strategies Based on the Company's Goals, Products, & Customers
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Planning
  • Properly Branded Website
  • Website Optimized for Mobile
  • Keywords Selection
  • Content Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing Strategies Based on the Company's Goals, Products, & Customers

Internet Marketing Campaigns that are well planned and executed generally yield far greater returns for your money. You will likely spend far less to acquire customers via the internet than with traditional means such as printed, audio or audio-visual advertisements. The bottom line is that you save money - and which small business can afford not to?

But many small businesses often spend thousands on online advertisements with little or no results. What happened?

The truth is that many small business owners have been led to believe that all they need to do is to purchase a generic web template from one of those big companies, add some products, and upload it to the web - after paying the template supplier a hefty sum for "necessary upgrades" and nifty marketing stunts. A few thousand dollars later the small business owner is left wondering if internet marketing really works.

As stated other places on this site, my vision is not realized until yours is. That is why I take the time to personally understand your company's goals, products/services, and target niche. Having established those, we then set out to create a complete marketing strategy based on those factors.

Social Media Marketing

Search engines are placing significant importance on what social media indicate about a sites content. Website Ranking in search results are greatly affected by "likes" Google+, "followers", etc.

The Importance of Social Media to establishing a successful online presence cannot be overemphasized. Because clients may not see a direct link between their social media activities and the visitors who click through to their website from search results, they may be tempted to think their efforts were wasted. Such was the case with a new customer who pointed out that she has not seen the benefit from social media, though a quick search revealed that her high rank on certain terms related to her site may be indirectly connected with the 375 likes that she received in just a few months.

That is why we include social marketing as an important part of our total internet marketing package. We will get you "liked" and a following that will lead to more traffic from those sites as well as better ranks in web searches.

Website Planning

Planning your website seems quite obvious, yet how many people call a website designer and say "I would like a website; design it like my competitor's website - and yes, we will re-word a few lines from their sites as well, after all, we offer the same services".

If you are going to spend the time and money to get online, then at least make some time for properly planning your website. Let us sit down with you and discuss how we can offer your visitors a truly unique and pleasant experience that will have them coming back; let's discover what will make your site stand out above the rest. If we are going to create your website, we will put in the effort to do it right.

Properly Branded Website

By creating a website that properly reflects your company's brand and target market, we ensure that your website does not get lost among the millions of websites out there. You offer something special, or maybe something common, in an uncommon and special way. We make sure that your website communicate quickly and effectively who you are, what you offer, and why your visitors need to choose you.

Website Optimized for Mobile

Your website need to display correctly in many different media. We design your website using the the best and latest design techniques, ensuring that your website communicate the right message about your company regardless of who is browsing or what device he or she is using.

Keywords Selection

Here is an exercise to demonstrate the importance of strategically selecting and planning your internet marketing campaign around thoughtfully selected keywords. Go to Type into the search "Baltimore Christian Bookstore" (that's how people generally search locally). Try the search again using only "Bookstore" and only the big guys like Barnes and Nobles and Amazon appear. The point is clear: More specific keywords give you a better chance of appearing in search engines.

Let us help you find the right keywords that will help your customers find you!

Content Creation

Website contents that are relevant and frequently updated is what keeps visitors and search engines going back to a website time and again. The problem is that most small business owners don't have the time to create relevant and interesting content, or might not know the proper formats to use to make them attractive to search engines and the web visitor.

Link Building

Outgoing and Incoming links to a website continue to be major indicators to search engines of a pages relevance, and help to determine where your site appears in search results. Many web browsers will also arrive at your website through links from other sites.

Search Engine Optimization

You can take many steps to help search engines find your content. Here are a few things that we do to ensure that your website receive the best possible chance of making it to the first pages of search results.

  • Make sure that page titles and subtitles utilize strong keywords
  • Add meta tag data to all content
  • Add alt and title tags to images
  • Check that relevant keywords are used strategically throughout all pages