How Do You Become virtuous?

Every successful person has one thing in common - they are virtuous. Which means they are honest, sincere, courageous, patient, and above all respectable. This may sound like an oversimplification of human character, but that's the way the majority of people define virtuous themselves. After all, we typically believe that the most virtuous of people are those who love their children, help others out of depression, and are law abiding citizens. But what about all the people out there who aren't actually so virtuous?

Which makes it important for any person trying to develop virtue to pay close attention to how he acts, speaks, and even reads. What kinds of moral perfection is he pursuing? What kinds of ethical principles is he committed to? And what are his personal goals in pursuing these ideals?

In my view, the best way to develop virtue ethics is to start from recognizing yourself to be inherently virtuous. Then you must decide what actions will bring you to that point, both ethical and immoral. For example, if you're a principled humanist who believes in the overall good of all humankind and works tirelessly to help those who aren't well off, you'll want to pursue the actions that demonstrate your character in this regard by being a philanthropist, a volunteer, a donor, an organizer, and a champion for the underprivileged. By doing so, you will be living up to your morally ideal standard of morality and becoming a truly virtuous person.

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