Traffic Builder 360: Internet Marketing Program for Small Businesses

Traffic Builder 360 is a new internet marketing program designed to help small and new businesses build robust online presence. It utilizes our simple but revolutionary process of systematically identifying the major obstacles standing between our clients and their prospective audiences, and applying the most suitable internet marketing techniques to overcome those particular hindrances. As you can tell, this is a very personalized service, as no two businesses face the same obstacles.

Over the next five years we hope to work closely with a limited number of small businesses to refine this new marketing process. Here are a few things to help you decide if Traffic Builder 360 is the internet marketing program for you.

Traffic Builder 360 utilizes carefully researched internet marketing processes

Instant internet marketing success is possible, but that's not what this program promises. If you’re aiming for instant search engine visibility without much effort, I am afraid this particular offer is not for you. Effective online marketing processes usually take time, but the end result is a more reliable, sustainable, and measurable way of marketing online. If your goal is to earn your spot on the front-page of search engines, maintain high levels of online visibility, build visitor confidence, and convert visitors into long term customers and supporters, this process will help you accomplish just that.

Traffic Builder 360's online marketing process is continually being improved

Our process is one of continuous improvement. This means we are always looking out for new ways to improve this process and offer our clients better value. At times it might be practical to involve clients, with their consent, in testing the effectiveness of new marketing techniques. Are you prepared to take low-consequence risks, endure occasional failures, and to be among the first to benefit from major breakthroughs in the resulting superior marketing processes and strategies?

Successful internet marketing requires work

Are you willing to put in the work to make your business successful? Frankly, I am in this business to build small businesses, but 75% of the work is on you the small business owner. There is only one guaranteed way that I know of, that will get your site on any search engine’s front page and keep it there, and that is demonstrating consistently that your site offers something valuable. That takes work.


Our long term business relationship depends on you seeing the results you are thriving for, and my team getting paid. No exceptions.

Appropriate content

Finally, I will not accept any project with an inappropriate theme, that is, which conflicts with my Christian values.

I hope you decide that Baltimore Web Services is the right internet marketing company for you, and that Traffic Builder 360 is the right program for you. Email to share your interest in participating in this program. When contacting us please include two or three best times that I may call to get more details and set up an appointment with you. Please note that acceptance into this program is not guaranteed, and that we offer many less restrictive internet marketing and website design services.

Thank you for choosing Baltimore Web Services!