Website Design for Small Businesses

Small Business Website

Baltimore Web Services provides professional Website Design Services for small businesses in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Customized Websites

Because no two companies are the same, we customize every website to highlight those unique characteristics that sets your company apart from every other. We place tremendous effort into properly understanding your business, your target customers, and your goals in order to create the best fitting website for your business.

Standard Compliant Websites

Our websites are developed using website best practices. From design to coding, we ensure that our websites are both user friendly and search engine friendly.

  1. We decrease unnecessary loads by using CSS, and not images to add styles to the site
  2. We use external style sheets, and not internal styles, making for cleaner codes and easier changes
  3. Our websites meet validation criteria

Why is it important to develop standard compliant websites? Simple. Your visitors will enjoy a much better experience at your site and your website will rank better in search engines, where majority of a site's visitors usually come from.

Websites Optimized for Growth & Change

Many new website owners start out with a simple website, but soon recognize that they need to expand or change their site. No problem. Our websites will grow as big as your business needs demand. We develop on one of the most robust Content Management Systems around, which is capable of meeting any business' growth requirements, whether large or small.